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Kids Can Get Into Real Trouble Online
Sexting, predators, inappropriate websites...
It's Hard For Kids To Live A Pure Life
Dating, the Internet, the media...
Adults have challenges there, too!
God's boundaries for kids still apply to grownups!
Knowledge Is Power...To Protect Your Family
You have to know God's boundaries, the threats, and how to deal with them if you are going to have VICTORY!
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Welcome to Knights' Quest
You want to keep your family, and yourself, safe and pure, but technology really makes it a challenge.  Between the Internet, cell phones, social media, and streaming TV, it's hard to keep inappropriate and undesirable material, and people, away from the ones we love...as well as ourselves! 
Add to that Society's changing morals, and parents and individuals have quite a task ahead of them to stay safe and pure.
To successfully defend against pornography, predators, and other online threats you need to know two things: 
  • What are God's boundaries for purity and sexuality, and
  • What are the technology threats & how do we deal with them? 

Knights' Quest educates and equips parents, youth, and those who lead and work with families to defend against these threats. 

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TECH-SAFEKnights' Quest currently offers a number of programs which deal with Internet Safety, Christian sexuality, and with the threats posed by our over-sexualized 21st Century Society. The goal of each event is to provide attendees with sound knowledge and practical methods to attain and maintain God's standard for sexual purity based upon Biblical principals. There are three goals we have:
  • Identify the threats, or problems to individuals and families
  • Determine where we are in relation to those threats
  • Identify tools and methods to Biblically address problem or danger, either in a preventative or corrective manner
Check out our LIVE PROGRAMS page for more information about our programs that educate and equip you for these battles! 

Act Now To Help Parents Protect Their Families!